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Why Engineering?

All search engines use mathematical algorithms to determine where your website ranks. Ask your SEO service agency how they can help your business if they don’t have expertise in mathematics, analytics, statistics and finance? It’s like asking a plumber to do surgery.

The ROI of SEO

Our customers know that paying $399/month for a "package" SEO bundle and expecting first page results and tens or hundreds of thousands in new business every month is a ridiculous and completely unrealistic expectation for anyone serious about their business. It's like hiring a part time fast food employee as your marketing expert.

SEO is Not DIY

Our customers focus on their core business. We focus only SEO. They’re not prepared to spend thousands of dollars every month for data feeds, analysis and data management software and hire skilled experts. DIY SEO is like self-medicating or doing your own legal and tax work. Our clients know their limitations and know when to defer to real expertise to dominate their market.

One Service. One Job: Get More Sales for Your Business

We Only do 1 Thing…

We are specialized, best in the nation SEO Market Engineers. That's all we do.

The Job: We move your website and other digital properties to the First Page of Google and dominate it.
The Result: More Sales, More Revenue, and... Competition Domination.

Why? Because for your business, there's nothing more important than getting more sales. It's your job to decide how to grow sales. it's our job to help you do it.

We operate like a law firm. Discretion, exclusivity and absolute focus by partners on your needs.

Our Famous “Un-Contract”

We work month-to-month and keep things very simple with no "fine print".

Why keep paying if an SEO or marketing company doesn't deliver?

If you're forced to deal with complicated proposals, multiple service options, upgrades, downgrades, and high pressure sales - maybe you should reconsider your existing relationship.

We deliver results and simply guarantee it, so we don't have any fine print.

No Outsourcing

From designing and optimizing your website, to engineering your SEO move to the Front Page.

No "black hat" tactics. No short-cuts. We control 100% of the process to ensure your long term success.

Most "do-it-all" services outsource, use inexperienced staff, and/or become jack-of-all trades and masters of none.

All our client account activities are directly managed, hands-on, by Managing Partners, so nothing is left to chance.


First, We Create a Blueprint for Your Success

  • PPC Disaster Recovery
  • Keyword Mining for Optimal ROI
  • New Client Acquisition Metrics with ROI
  • Detailed Competition Analysis
  • Online Reputation Analysis
  • Security Analysis
  • 360 Digital Property Analysis
  • Digital Footprint Blueprint
  • Mobile Functionality Analysis

Then, We Start Our Job

We work to move your business to the most valuable business address in your area: Page One of search engine results.

It's like being at the best location on the busiest four corners of your city or town - where your customers are. In fact, you could be King in many towns...

Plus, we GUARANTEE a Page One result. Just fill out our Discovery Application so we can start with a no-obligation analysis. It could mean an unprecedented increase in your revenue and a near-zero cost of new business.

Becoming #1 is just a choice, but a decision you need to make - today.


It's Critical to Every Business

SEO is Now an Engineering DisciplineHow do We do it? By Using a Proprietary Digital Footprint MatrixSEO: The Most Cost Effective ROIMobile SearchThe Power of SEO
SEO has become pure engineering and is no longer marketing as a creative discipline. Why? Because Google and all search engines use mathematical algorithms to decide which of the millions of possible results are displayed for a search.

All products and services are now inseparably interconnected by digital footprints.

The difference between the best and the rest, is the ability to engineer and integrate all your online digital data

We recommend that you only engage an SEO agency that is engineering and finance driven. Not marketing, PPC and web design based, but is focused only on technically achieving the desired results - the domination of page one of Google.
Due to the ever increasing complexity of online media and mobile platforms, we engineered a scalable system to "map" and optimize your digital footprint across the internet.

The more fragmented and diverse your digital footprint becomes, the more one element could work against another - because each one is either an asset or a liability.

To get the job done, You need engineering, not black hat techniques and spam.

If your beautiful website is not on Page One, it's an asset that is not working for you 24/7. You could be missing out on massive revenue... that your competitors are enjoying.
SEO in the long run is not only far cheaper, it's enduring and once in place, much easier - and cheaper - to maintain.

Paid advertising is a perpetual cash drain with no chance of keeping up with SEO. Why?

Because now, to meet your ROI, you must advertise on all mobile platforms, Google, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Bing, and the list goes on and on. When you stop paying, it all stops.

Word of mouth, newspapers, radio, flyers and billboards taken together represent under 20% of new business.

Simply put, if you want more - and consistent - business, then SEO is the logical choice for your ROI.
With 73% of searches for products and services being done on mobile devices, there are three reasons to focus on the mobile market.

First, you have no choice because Google has forced everyone's hand to create mobile sites or be removed from their searches.

Second, mobile searches are often closer to the "buy" point. If they're looking for your service - they're ready to buy.

And third, the migration away from desktop will not stop. and all businesses must adjust.
Our clients understand the power of SEO. Once they achieve momentum - we let their ships sail. We don't charge into perpetuity for work we don't need to do.

We work with a very limited number of clients at any given time to help reach their respective objectives.

About contracts. You don't have to worry about that either. You should not be locked into a service contract, since you're paying for real time performance. Please see our Discovery Page for more details and our criteria.

Marketing is on a Digital Battlefield

Marketing is 80% Digital
Why Engineered SEO is on the Front Line
Be Nimble, be Focused
Competition Domination
The Most Vauable Real Estate in the World

Is SEO for YOU?

If you have an established business (large or small) and have a desire (or need) to get more customers, then engineered SEO is for you.

70% of your customers are looking for you online. Right now, they're finding your competitors.

Is Engineered SEO Affordable?

It costs money to make money. Sales don't come from thin air. Nowadays they come from people looking for your product or service online. Where are you spending your marketing dollars?

If, for example you're prepared to spend $1 to make $20 - in a consistent and predictable way, month over month, then SEO is affordable.

Top 3 Jobs of a Website

Sales, sales, sales.

If you don't have a website, or have a "beautiful" website that is either not found - or doesn't convert your site's visitors into customers because it's not engineered properly - then you're missing out on massive sales potential.

A website is a sales tool, and the most important one you have - for any business, any size.

Most Valuable Asset

Because websites generate sales, they have value as an asset, all by themselves.

If 50% of your business came from your website, (and it should, even if you have a physical location) and someone wanted to buy your site... what would you say?

So, as SEO engineers, we help you not only create a very valuable asset but put it to work. To drive business through your door.


SEO Expert and Managing Partner

SEO Expert and Managing Partner

SEO Expert and Managing Partner

SEO Expert and Managing Partner

Welcome, we are Myrtle and Bert LLC, and I’m sure you landed on this page by searching Google for the term “SEO Engineering” in one of the cities we rank in, or maybe you saw one of our videos on YouTube.

Toronto SEO Engineering, Ottawa SEO Engineering, and Vancouver SEO Engineering are arguably some of the most competitive keywords when searching in the provinces of Ontario and British Columbia.

In the United States and indeed globally, we are leaders in SEO engineering. Pittsburgh SEO Engineering, Fort Myers SEO Engineering are but a few of our US markets.

In Europe, London SEO Engineering, Paris SEO Engineering, Zurich SEO Engineering, and even Budapest SEO Engineering are part of our global network of partners and offices. The internet is global, as are we.

If your website is not on page 1 of Google for your business, products, or services, then you are losing customers and business to your competitors that rank ahead of you. If you’re not convinced, just look at the websites of your most successful competitors. When your website dominates them – you will get the business, and not them.

You might be asking why do I need an SEO Engineer on a local level? Because the internet, along with a smartphone in everyone’s hand, has replaced the phone book, and people turn to local searches to find businesses in their area that can meet their needs.

Word of mouth sales, referrals, billboards, direct mail, and all other sources of business marketing not only result in marginal and unpredictable sales, but they are also much more expensive forms of advertising than SEO online marketing when looking at ROI.

With 70% of business service and product searches being done on Google, defined by measurable results, ignoring that means you’re not taking advantage of the largest and most incredibly powerful source of business marketing – SEO.

Thanks for reading!

The next step is to complete the Discovery form, then give us a couple of days to create a blueprint for your success. We’ll then be in touch to schedule your free consultation. And if we partner up, we can help you rocket your business to the top and help you jump over your competitors. And if you missed it above – we guarantee a page one position.

Tracy & Don

aka… Myrtle and Bert